Non Ti Bourik La!!!

This past week, I opened what I like to call our “Low Risk Labor and Birth Suite”.

That’s a really froofed up way of saying that I rolled a hospital bed into one of the exam rooms in our clinic, put some pillows and pretty sheets on it, put up a curtain for privacy, moved some birth and emergency kits in there, and hung some emergency algorithms on the wall. . . Voila!  I now have a one room birth center within the LiveBeyond Clinic.

Our former delivery room, also known as our Operating Room, I have now named the “high-risk delivery room”.

This week it was brought to my attention that some of the women in our Maternal Health program are hesitant to have their babies at any facility because they think that they are going to be forced to lay on their backs with their legs tied up in stirrups, as this is commonplace in many hospitals in Haiti.

“Delivery Table” in a Hospital

[This may not look too far from normal to some American women who are familiar with hospital birth.  Most women who have unmedicated births are NOT comfortable lying on their back with their legs up in the air.  If you didn’t have access to an epidural or any pain meds for that matter, you would probably prefer to have your baby in the comfort of your own home as well!]

I wanted the women to see the nouvo chanm pou ackouche so they would know it is comfortable and not restricting.  When they saw it, they immediately exclaimed in unison.

  • “Bel” (Beautiful)
  • “Kabann konfotab” (Comfortable bed)
  • “Non ti bourik” (No little donkey)


After much laughter and uproar, I was informed that “ti bourik” is what those awful delivery tables are called throughout Haiti.  No one could tell me why.  They were very surprised that my labor and birth room didn’t have a ti bourik!

“Non, non ti bourik la!”

(No, no little donkey here!), I said!

UPDATE: 22May- I already redecorated. 

 #perfectionist #OCD


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